Friday, April 29, 2011


My 'laptop' computer is now fried.
Im writing this on my GFs, a new one is not far away.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lopez and Axe man

These will be just video props and not permanent.
This has proved a nice experiment & lesson in basic video design skills. Getting it looking right in the inn the camera view, timing of scenes and using the original audio for soundtracks.
Lopezs Suicide

Friday, April 22, 2011

Latest youtube comments

3 guys reaction video

40 inches of 3 guys 1 hammer ahahahaha :'D

Your laughing made me crease up xD

Wake up Jeff! Ahahahahhaa im crying



Christine Chubbuck

This thoroughly creeped me out. There is just so much we as humans have yet to learn about the brain. I get scared for myself b/c I've had several manic episodes and periods of depression. People think they know or think it's a fake excuse, like I used to think, but you have no idea how bad it can get. I was forced to be hospitalized 3 times. It's such a shame, but I try to focus on all the good things I have if I get down.

Just get some of those pills that make your brain feel better, that should help.

Is that the actual angle of the guns when she shot herself????

There is no footage available to be sure, my interpretation is based on the wiki entry "She drew the revolver and shot herself behind her right ear." It goes on that she slumped forward. This piece just blows its face off.

Pretty good job. I think that actual footage of the suicide is the holy grail of reality video....I wonder if it does exist. She seemed like she had a lot going in life, outer appearances can be deceiving.

Their reply to a previous comment of someone saying they couldn't find it.

You and millions of other reality freaks who have been searching and included. I believe the family destroyed the only footage available. But hey, we still have Bud Dwyer to watch over and over again.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The finger (trailer)

 Filmed and photographed over three years this mixed media piece of body mod art features tattoo, scars, scar ink rubs and lazer removal.
This is a short trailer featuring some of the footage.

(i give you) The finger.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The burning monk

This is a re-create of the classic clip The burning monk.
In 1963 a buddhist monk in Vietnam poured petrol over himself and went up in flames as a protest against the persecution of Buddhist monks.

The burning monk

This comment appeared on my 3 guys video (the first) 
Too amazinggg; :3
I had a look at this persons channel and saw it was a 16 year old called Hannah from the UK and she had put a pic of the cameraman from that vid in her profile pic with a little loveheart on it (???)
Iv heard of this before where woman get all 'excited' over dangerous men.
i left her a comment on her channel thanking her for the comment and said the re-enactment is now age-restricted. Lol.

These comments have appeared on the mexican video, both are from the same person in the Philippines.
nice good dumb ass
thanks cheers you idiot
go home and fukc your mother's hairy ass....
Im not bothering to respond to the second one because he spelt fuck wrong.

Steve Irwin (the lost footage).
Richard Lopez the Bork stalker suicide.
The Chechen axe beheading.

Friday, April 8, 2011

When it all comes to an end.

This is a special update which concerns what will happen when i die.

Everything and everyone dies, there's just no question about it, some people don't want to think about it at all, some take elaborate measures to ensure that the 'send off' is already paid for and sorted, some just don't give a shit and then suddenly drop dead leaving a huge mess and money issues for the living. (Thanks Uncle Dave!! lol)

Today i received a very real coffin from a friend of mine. I had known about this for a couple of weeks, but i thought id wait till i got in the garage before i said anything.
For me this is a BIG deal, as an artist that deals (pretty much) solely in death, having my own coffin just seems natural.
Therefore I intend to be buried in it. Obviously things change over the years, but right now that is the plan. There is a funeral directors not far from me, so i will be going to see them and asking about the cost without them providing the casket.

I haven't approached any gallery's since Feb 22nd, as their still all shut down and things are still pretty tense.
But i intend to pursue the cause. If all else fails and i'm stonewalled, then i will get the last laugh. That coffin will be stripped back little by little and repainted by myself with my art. It will include the goregasm skull and hand, the ogrish hands amongst other things. It will be my final show and it will a intense, I will record all the music that will be played and it will be some scary shit, no church or rock music at this show.

I look forward to posting some pictures as time goes on concerning the design.
Take care and enjoy your lives.

(Side note) I don't like vampires very much so the sleeping in it thing is not gonna happen. Thou i will 'try' to get the GF to lie in it so i can get the classic necro shot.

The spot the diff pictures haven't gone to well on the forum, these are some of the comments.
So, you took these photos?

So you crushed the skull of a kitten.
I thought animal cruelty was not allowed on here.

So, did you have a hard on while doing this? Were you excited to show the internet how fucked up you are?
(These were from the same user, i quoted the first post) 
No, your wrong, take a closer look.

Just so you know the decesed cat's resting place was the rubbish bin at the local petrol station around the corner from where the photo was taken
(the brother posted that)

ban this cunt!!!

So,the cat was hit by a car.

We are not amused.

There are two different cats in those photos. I haven't posted the answer yet because i'm still waiting to see if anyone actually takes the time to work it out.
These kind of knee-jerk reactions are what makes the internet a interesting and dangerous thing and shows me that some people don't take the time to fully examine things that put in front of them before they fire off.

Edit. Comment on three guys video.

Jesus, you're really obsessed by them, aren't you ???

What is it what you so like about them, except that they're idiots ???

Im a true gore artist,
i did a video diary.
A re-creation of the video.
A re-action video, to the video

Received a comment on a video i put up on the BIZZARE website, 
Vietnam St Exe.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The mexicans are at it again.

Today i watched (yet) another beheading by the drug gangs of Mexico on Blog del Narco.
This time it was a woman doing the beheading and then, by the look of it, one or more guys cut the dead mans face off.
I can only assume that the bloke who was being killed was working for the 'other' side. After watching it i thought about the mexican beheading doll that i was doing a while ago, this would make the perfect piece.
The video was close up and you don't see much of the body and the woman is using a machete, that works in my favour cuz less body equals less problems. The face cutting was close up and only involved the head.
Velcro could be used to attach the face then 'slowly' cut it off.

I still want to finish the original beheading piece and the dismemberment one, i have worked out some basic ideas for that.
Looks like iv got some work to do.

I got a message from a artist in Italy the other day on a forum that i'm a member of saying that he liked what i did and had seen all that i had posted and wanted to ask my opinion on his art, i was stunned when i took a look at his website.
I politely said that i thought we were in two completely different universes, my budget and brutal maddness vs his highly skilled museum type pieces and that i was in total awe of him. He just laughed and assured me that what we both did fell under the label of 'macarbe' and that he really did like what i do.
He was gonna put a link to my little website.

Latest youtube comments.
3 guys 1 hammer reaction video
Was this a reaction to the original video or the re-enactment? 
The original, he had his laptop plugged into the T.V. there's a shot of it on The YNC at the start, its been edited down because there was long spaces where we just sat there.
The original shocked me the first time i watched it, but to do the re-enactment i went thru it piece by piece and watched it more than a few times.

Christine Chubbuck
You're all sick fucks
I thought she did it live?
She did. All the information is available on wikipedia.

Edit: Images added of mexican beheading background

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spot the difference.

Set of photos taken in which there used are two different cats.

Had a great weekend away in a place familiar.
Went to my mum and Dads place in a little town, and when we arrived they were gone but theie car was there, french doors wide open, back door open, just left, whisked away.
Then the phone rang, so i answered it.
"Hello, is that you Jim?" said a aged female voice
"No, its one of his sons."
"Is Mary there?"
"No neither of them are here and the backs doors are all wide open, it is my firm belief that they'd been abducted by aliens!!"
"Its..." a hair dressing appointment confirm for Mum.
"You can do that here"
"Yeah, you can't do that in Christchurch"

Filmed some footage of music to use, then we brainstormed a full video involving the cat on paper. Rich plugged his laptop into his 40 inch TV so i filmed a 3 guys re-action video. We yelled at the start "Wake up Jeff!! Wake up Jeff!!" this is the wiggles saying. when he was getting hammer smashed. This is better that re-paining the dolls.
We watched the entire thing, i will cut it up and post it soon

Chat roulette.
Wow, was that fun. Rich just plugged it up we began, i was as drunk as stoned as fuck with all the stuff already on my camera. We were buzzed thru a few people then some guy stopped and stared, we heard some noise but none on this guy. I sat there a few seconds, then some more, so i pulled my dick and waved it in front of the camera, i have three barbells left to right thru the head of my dick and a prince albert.
The guy just sat there and watched me shake my dick around for about 30 seconds.
Next was two girls, it was so typical one looking in the eye of the camera and the other with her back looking in a cupboard. They hung around for a bit so i moved closer to the camera and pulled down my T-shirt to show my nipples, this got there attention, so i pulled up my shirt and made a slow cris-cross motion pointing at my nipples, they got really animated on the frame, they got it, lasted about two minutes, i was holding my shirt up ad giving the thumbs up, the girl looking in the cupboard gave me thumbs up as she walked off and they were gone.
We got two other guys to have a look and see the nipples, they said something in euro, boy they laughed at the nipples.
Showd one bloke, he got it but didn't react.
Tried to show a kid he freaked whn i raised my shirt.

Edit: I got a 'warning' from facebook over the last image in the spot the difference series. Lol!!!!!
This is a friend and my reaction to the 3 guys video, it not the normal "oh my GOD!!" shit that's for sure.