Sunday, January 1, 2017

The month of January.

Kid zapped. Probably dared by his dumb mates.
Hanging. Iran taking care of the naughty people who insist on downloading Western movies.
Suicide. Justin decided not to see in the new year.
Taxi driver. Didn't want to play the game.
Burning alive. Islamic State produce another winner.
Dinner-eating babies. Zhu Yu make the greatest meal ever.
Documentation of pocket theology.  Zhu Yu created another mind bending piece of art. Love it.
Machete beheading. That's a bloke whose done this before.
Pylon. 10 more minutes and no need for a cremation.
Pickaxe. Top runner for most violent kill of the year.
Store. Bloke gets nailed just doing his job.
Hanging. In cell meant for 8 with 13 men inside, the least liked gets hung.
Iraqi soldier. As seen before, war has its lighter moments.
Brazil prison. I can't see this guy being let back out into society.