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Lets start with that naughty French lad. I looked it up when i heard he was dead and found what i thought was the footage, i took it at face value and made a whole set that day and wasted an evening swearing that i didn't have enuff light. The footage in question showed a man in the dark falling off a balcony, it's from Canda 2010(?) french language can be heard in on a the audio. I researched some more about what happened and the building itself.
The death of Mohamed Merah.

I first saw Executions doco advertised on the telly for sale in a local book store chain. I was about maybe 10-13 or younger when i saw the ad. I never did get it but eventually i rented a copy watched it and was stunned, like everyone else, but the brutal shooting of Mohammadine Salar at the end.
The execution of Mohammadine Salar.

My brother came up a couple of weeks ago and helped me with one of the last mexican videos that i have been putting off for ages, the baseball beating and axe dismemberment.
We were drinking and discussing the finer points of wiring up the dolls. I turned to the laptop and said.
"Lets just watch it and see what happens." Iv watched this video, lots, so it doesn't have the effect it did the first time. 
He'd not seen this one.
(the brother)"Oh shit!!...ohh-uggh!!...??!?!!!...He's a got compound fracture of the arm!!!!" (other noises of shock)
"Ok, lets just stop it there (one minute in to three minute video) and go back to the start and see what we have to do."
"no-NO!! Don't start at the beginning-FUCK!!!"
We watched it two or three more times and that was enuff for him. In the end worked pretty well, but i did have to film the axe scenes and beyond by myself.
Mexican drug cartel bat then axe execution.
This was first for me as this video bugged me, how someone could set another human on fire and then slash their throat and wear a military uniform was crazy, but if the roles were reversed in the same circumstances i think that bloke will probably be doing the same.
This involved petrol and 'blood' a new and interesting mix.
Syrian man set on fire and throat is slashed.
If you watch or listen to something enuff times you'll notice little things.
While watching the Armstrong beheading, i took not of the movement and positions of the feet. The moves were fluid, the passing of the statement, the pulling of the knife, the tugging of the ski-mask just before he lays his hands on the victim.
In this case when he starts cutting the blood falls it goes straight onto and into his sock and shoe.
Iraq war beheading of Eugene Armstrong.

Went to the hospital as part of a research study to have some tests, blood taken and my heart looked at via a ECG.
The nurse was an older lady and after i taken my top off and laid down she turned around and said "Crikey, your a work in progress."
"I'v had both of my nipples transplanted."
"Who did that for you, is he qualified? where did get that done.?"
I turned over and she then saw the scars on my back, she ran her finger round the scar. 
"Whats this scar from.?"
"The guy who did my nipples did it for me."
"Did you have any pain relief?"
"That must have hurt."
"Certainly did."
I showed the next nurse, who was about the same age, she asked a few pointed questions but nothing unfriendly.

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Darwin Award: Angry wheelchair guy.

ahahahaha! i like your videos!

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Those elevator doors totally weren't to code.

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This was a waste of 15 seconds. And of an afternoon of your life to film this.

If you look closely, you'll notice the wheelchair is fake.

Dawn of the dead zombie helicopter kill.

Awesome! I never realized how short my scene was, but it certainly had impact!

Ricardo López suicide uncensored.

you're are more fucked up then ricardo lopez if you would do shit like ths, have some respect for the dead you piece of shit, I don't care if he was crazy nothing justifies mocking the dead.

You feel better for saying that? Because i feel better for saying this.
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3 guys 1 hammer reaction video.

Before you go mad, don't worry, I didn't laugh at 3 guys one hammer. But people really don't understand, it's like, you've NEVER laughed at even joke about some one dying? Because tons of people die every day, this was just recorded. All people freak out because they only take the recorded death seriously.

how about i kill your dad, make a video, and my friends my a joke about it and laugh. i bet that would be awesome and ok

I.. Don't think so?

That whole exchange is classic , get stuffed. LOL!! My friend in the video says;
"I only laughed because it was funny, and the guy was Russian so nobody cares anyhow."

Ich hoffe, dass auch mal so ein Video von dir veröffentlicht wird, damit ich dich auch so auslachen kann, Spinner.... Ohne Worte

they shouldnt even be allowed to have reaction videos for this video... this was truely horrible.

4 U.S. Marines pissing on 3 dead Taliban

you sir are an artist of the highest calibre!

once again my friend, you have outdone yourself

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