Monday, March 19, 2018

Nipple transplants

This 'story' and images
remain the property of me,
Jon E(vil) if you want to use 
them for any purpose.
Contact me via this blog post.
True Gore Art. 2018. 
The pic labeled nipple one was one
my brother managed to get before **** 
asked him to stop taking pictures, 
the next 11 pics are of the transplant itself, 
the procedure took about two hours, 
and was done on a saturday
afternoon, the tit and donor area were
injected with a numbing solution so i
wasnt in any pain. 
I just lay there listening to the music while **** and
Tim (who was assisting) worked away, 
**** G.F. took those pictures. Naith
who owns the studio would come in every
 now and then to see how things were
progressing, laugh, shake his head and then wander off.
The first transplant went fine, 
although i did take a look at a bit of it on
the monday afternoon and all i saw was black,
turned out to be part of the
tattoo but i couldn't convince myself
 of that and i spiraled downwards, i
really thought i was going to die,
 it was a strange horrible feeling,
sitting at home with bandages wrapped
 around chest and these thoughts were
racing thru my head.
"Oh my GOD, its black, what the fuck have i done,
 im gonna die. No don't be
stupid its not sore, just relax,
 its ok, i'll see the guys tomorrow
afternoon, its only 24 hours away-i'll be fine.....
Oh my GOD, its black,
what the fuck have i done, im gonna die!!!"
When i went into to see them i was a wreck, the first thing said was "I WANT
I explained what i'd seen and 
what was going thru my head and they stopped
laughing after that, when i saw that
 it had taken and was just the tattoo i
was overjoyed, 
so i went home and got heavily drunk.
If i had only known how crazy
 things would become later.
The little bit of flesh in the
 middle went black and ended up being cut out
and everything was fine, 
i was then asked if i wanted the second one done,
for free, "Sure!!!"
Thats when the shit really hit the fan.
The second one was done again
on a saturday afternoon, Howie also did
another guy and transplanted his tit
 onto his bicep on the sunday, this time
they put a big clear plaster type thing over it. I noticed that by monday it
was black.
No panic this time although i was a tad worried.
When i went in on Tuesday afternoon
 i met the other bloke, he described his
as feeling like someone was punching
 his arm, real hard, thats not good i
thought, we got ushered out the back
 to undress and get our bandages off
while young girls fretted over the
 new navel rings (l.o.l. ahh kids) i
didn't have my cellfone on me but what
 i saw made me kick myself for not
bringing it, the other blokes see thru
 plaster was as bursting point with
blood, i couldn't even see the tit!!!!
 It was only gonna be a matter of time
before it blew out, and it did, blood 
came running out of the bottom of his
jacket, **** was doing a tattoo and
 went crazy, disenfectant and sterile
wipes went flying, it was really funny.
 The other bloke ended up having his
one cut off his arm, 
he now has a lovely little
diamond shaped scar. 
(I got that picture because they 
gave it to me, i took it
home, dried it out and i think dropped it, 
in its little bag in a 
little supermarket in Timaru.)
  They had a look at mine decided 
that it was no where near as bad as his,
patched me up and i went off home,
 the next day is when things took a
downward turn.
The pink tit pics, i went to work
 that morning, crashed out for a couple of
hours and then was shocked to 
see that my transplant had blown out and was a
light grey colour, i rung howie and 
tim and went in a bit earlier, by then
it had turned that lovely shade of pink.
 i have one of those printed on a
After that it turned black and black 
it stayed, Howie couldn't tell me what
was happening, so it was a case of see
 you tomorrow afternoon for a change
of dressings.
This was the longest week of my life,
 it was a unsettling time, i had to get
some cream from the chemist at one point
 and the young blonde politely asked
me if i had a healing wound, i replied
 in a flat monotone voice that i had
undergone a experimental body modification
 procedure and things were very
much up in the air, the look on 
her face cheered me up.
By the following saturday it was
time to get the stitches removed from
the side where my tit was and the
 from the nipple it self, i got up after a
crashing out for a couple of hours
 took off the dressing and saw that the
middle of the tit was green.
Lawn green. I thought i was seeing
 things but it was seriously green, i
wanted to fucken puke. **** reaction
 was "well...its more of greenish
black (big smile) no infection,
 so we'll take out the sitches and patch you
 The following morning at 4:10am 
i took off my T-shirt and lightly rubbed
the area where my tit had been 
and from where the stitches had been removed,
i then felt a slight burst of pain
 and a running sensation down the side of
my chest, "OH FUCK THATS BLOOD!!!!!"
 the scar had literally burst open and
was now dribbling blood. I thought
 about going to the 24 clinic down the road
but i had no money and too many ????
 would be asked. So in true "she'll be
right mate" kiwi fashion i patched
 myself up and went back to bed.
The black tit pics, and the open 
scar pic were taken later that morning.
I saw howie that monday before he
 left for a visit to the states, he was
pretty shocked to hear about what
 happend, he looked bemused when i
cheerfully demanded that i wanted 
to heal it as a scar!!!!
That tuesday i went in to the
 studio and when Naith saw me he asked "what are
getting done today Jonny?"
"Its dead flesh removal day today."
 there was guy getting a tattoo who just
looked rather bemused, Naith explained
 what had happened and he just stared
at me, Tim the resident piecer had
 to stick his head near that smelly hunk
of dead flesh and cut it all away, 
that was the other thing the smell,
sickly sweet and unavoidable.
i kept the black tit bit and rammed
 a tunnel thru it a few days later.
The last pic is how they look now the
 second one closed in on itself and is
still itchy, the date below the top 
one is the day we did it. the black
marks are from the tattoo.
It was a...interesting experience, 
when id come in for my daily check up i
would just take a seat next to some
 nervous girl or guy that was going to
get tattooed or something, i would 
ask the what they were there for and when 
they asked me, depending on how i felt that day i would say "just a check up" 
or "i had my nipple transplanted 
and its gone black."
Updates. I wear the skin and cut
 off nipple on a necklace with a cat jawbone.
In general when i say 'iv had both 
my nipples cut off and restitched back onto
 my chest people are keen to dismiss the idea,
 not wise if im standing in front of you.


Saturday, March 3, 2018

The month of March.

Cliff. He fell well short.
Russian. He won't notice the pain of impact due to being on fire.
Failed bomber. Either way, he was dead.
Four scars. Shit my legs were sore after that.
The P.M. was the subject of a blood print and (whoever runs the offical account) contacted twitter.
I count it as a win.
Any problems about what i do you can contact me.
 (ill be nice) or just scroll on and enjoy the rest of the day. Jon E(vil).
Mexico. These guy are seem to enjoy what there doing.
Backside cutting. Mainstreamer asked me to do this. Pussy fuckwit.
Live suicide. Problems can always be solved with a shotgun.
Russian roulette. Place your bets, who lives, left or right?
Pakistan suicide. Suicide isn't selfish, he got people to watch live.
Container accident. Wrong place for bloke on the truck, right place for the cameraman. 
Bury the dead. Cheap grave for unknown corpses.