Saturday, December 22, 2012


Massacre at the north pole.

This year i got a couple of packs of cards the were free with a gossip magazine called Womans Day.
I thought there cards were kinda shit, so i 're-made' a few of them and sent one to their offices in Auckland. Sadly i didn't include a return address on it.
Next year.
How to video.
Santa goes to Syria.
Probably went to give my friend a lump of coal.
Truckers are known for the fiery tempers, Aussie trucker road rage.
The F.S.A. in SyriaPropaganda video.
LOOK WHERE THE FUCK YOUR GOING!!!Four chinese painters electrocuted.
A young girl got into trouble on the internet.Amanda Todd suicide
A video of friends (slightly overgrown) garden.
The tour
Adverts on T.V. are carefully filmed to make the impossible seem possible
Failed car jump.