Thursday, May 9, 2013

The month of May

Bloke hangs himself from a power pole. 
Shot dead while taking a piss. Bummer.
Narco cartel execution video of the year is, Man is beaten, cut, zapped then beheaded.
A war in the middle east wouldn't be complete without Hezbollah from Lebanon
Very few people ever get to see their own graves, even fewer get to die in them
Shot dead while getting the washing.
Cannibalism is happens when you let idiots linked to terrorist groups run amonk in a warzone
 Aftermath They must have pretty big morgues in Mexico.
Blender vs fingers.  There was really only one outcome to this experiment.
A look inside the shit-bins that are still here in Christchurch. 2 years of rotting human feces. 
A F.S.A. fighter gets shot in the throat,  VIDEO HERE.