Monday, January 29, 2018

The month of Febuary.

Train. Things people do for attention.
Sky burial or F.B.I. farm?
Man under truck. Amazon delivery service. website skeleton. The site is gone, the one that started it all.
Red Command. What a peaceful way to go, shot multiple times in the head.
Man killed in car crash. Chairman Chow gets loose and takes out a jaywalker.
Cartel. The 2nd bloke paid a high price.
Narco boss. Started at the back of the neck, whatta bastard.
Blood print. So much better than just painting with blood.
Murder. The Red Command taking command.
Tyre. Rouge car tyre, be careful out there.
CJNG. The war is on. Reprisal video soon i expect.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The month of January.

Suicide pact. Together in the dirt, how nice.
LEGO fight 2. Even more brutal.
Bus. Failed terror attack says State Media, failed handbrake says driver.
Cuts. Hundreds of images run together.
Dealers. Caught talking shit about the product.
Stoning, No Star Wars for these kids.