Sunday, November 25, 2012


The death of Tommy Cooper
"He died doing what he loved." In reality he died while people thought it was part of the act
Chechen fighter Darwin award.
The guy who fires the rocket and it blows up and kills him.
Sri Lankan man hacked and left to die in the street.
A man is attacked with a machete and has one arm, one foot cut off
Syrian head shot execution.
A man in Syria is shot in the back of the head, the exit wound (seems) to be his left eye socket.

Syrian brain exploding execution
A bloke is shot in the chest then the gunman shoots him in the face blowing his brain out of his head.
This was uploaded to the online auction site Trade Me here in N.Z. It was removed three days later.
Dead bird animation.
This is a video made years ago when i was pursing an animal theme with video.
Cellphone videos from the Mexican cartel teen assassin.
A young lad was caught with two videos on a cellfone. He was linked to a cartel.
Cat with a bird
The cat caught a sparrow and brought it inside. We all then went outside and i took my camera.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Drunk driver vs cop with a tazer
With a simple "Fuck off." Things went from to bad a total shit for this drunk bastard.
Los Zeta vs Los Zeta
Los Zetas had a 'internal dispute'
Failed dive.
I don't go swimming, probably a good thing really based on what happened to this poor sod.
Beheading and Impalement. The Old Master.
I know they contribute to nature and whatever, but i hate those little bastards.