Saturday, January 26, 2013


S.A.A.F.S.A. rebel. If he's been killed and faced with GOD in the next ten minutes he will still attack.
Ivory Coast alligator handler. Facing down multiple gators, using a little stick.
Doctor murdered by two boys. It's like a episode of Scooby Doo.
Cartel butchery.  Two videos, dismemberment with speech, 2nd is the note and pile of corpses.
Epic Auckland beatdown. Don't start arguments.
Man vs Pitbull. Achtung all owners/lovers of pitbulls, Satan wants his guard dogs back.
Live suicide. Infamous webcam from a guy in Sweden. I saw a thread detailing it live on a forum
Sniper vs Rebel. I winced when he shot him the leg, but he still managed to run on it.
Apartment building suicide jump. The original footage was filmed off the computer onto to a mobile with  filmed  footage of the aftermath.
Dog dragged behind a car. Exactly as it reads.