Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3 guys and their trusty rusty hammer.

Finished my 'remake' of the The Dnepropetrovsk maniacs. Here
I used some of the original audio to give it a real feel. It goes for 1.27 and basicly consists of the scenes where something is happening, that is to say , the initial beating, the first close up, the hammer against the side of the face. I did consider doing a complete remake shot for shot but that would just drag the whole down and it would get very boring. The end result is interesting. I put a link in the original video description as well so anyone looking at that should pick on it.
A young lady left a comment on my channel asking when, i told her 'soon' she replyed "i look forward to it :)"
Her channel has in the profile a comment saying she loves one of these guys, this i suppose is a classic example of wanting something you can't have.
My T.M. auction ended with no bids or comments and two watchers, i didn't get to see how many views it got but i would assume just of 70, last i checked it was at 66.
One of the 'watchers' was a guy from Auckland Paul, and the other was a lady called Shelly here in ChCh.

Here we go again, latest comments.
Nice Vid Jon-E(vil)
You must have some interesting dreams (thats if you actually sleep).
This is brilliant.
Clever but again just pointless and sick. I mean, imagine if the mans kids saw this shit!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Dnepropetrovsk maniacs remake

Started to make 3 guys. The filming process alone will take time but it looks good and graphic so far.
Just finished the inital hammering. I started when he is coming down the road, i not sure of the complete shot i did my version from memory, when it gets into the action it will stick true to the scene but not as long on some of the shots..

Video The finished video. :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend project.

I saw a version of the botched execution of Nazi Captain Amon Goeth on youtube. It didn't have the final in which he just hangs, definitely a slow death.
So i thought id do my own. For this piece i used the Saddam Hanging and just reworked it.


This comment was left on my channel on youtube.

when are you gonna make the full version of 3 guys 1 hammer?


Edit: just posted this (March 22nd) on Trade Me with description of how it works.
I used the foto side on as the display. I reasoned in the description the piece should be viewed from that angle. In reality the piece enables the viewer to see it from all directions.