Friday, February 1, 2019

The month of Febuary.

The Disasters of War.
Drawing in action. Things that go bump in the night.
Mexico. Funny how much danger people will put themselves in.
Suicide. Always a bonus when he you take someone else out.
Run over. What the fuck was he thinking??
Coffin drop. Perfect soundtrack.
Dark art.
Rescued. Right place right time.
Dismembered. Whatever this guy did, he paid a serious price.
Roof fall. Russia. I wonder if he was drunk.
Facebook live. What other use would 'live streaming' have.
Machine gun. Yeah, i think he's dead, enough.
Four men. Another classic killing from the lads.
The Barn. Inspired by horror films.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The month of January.

The Disasters of War
Wheelchair murder. If you can't run, don't start a fight.
Plastic machine. Flesh and Chairman mixed with the plastic wrap.
Tall building. Some people are just expendable. 
Road rage. Like this guy.
Reversed over. Just another day.
Still alive. He'll be dead when they get to the morgue. 
Truck. People are furry animals to truckies.
Sketches in pencil.
Dark art.
Dream (explained).
Two cats.
Tourist beheaded. Stick to the party.
Two Kurds. Simpler, if you co-operate.
Flying birds. Yaaay!! A simpler time!! 
Live suicide. Yeah, thats the metal. LIVE!!!