Sunday, November 3, 2019

The month of November.

The Disasters of War.
Irreversible. Caving a bloke face in.
India. Stupidity is painful.
Mexico. Taking out the trash. 
Food porn. I'll never eat a burger again without thinking of this guy.
Murder. The odd one out. 
Bashed revenge. Some people hate defeat.
Grenade. Armys has casulties.


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The month of October.

The Disasters of War.
Powerline accident. LOL!!!
Shell. Pay attention at all times when your in the trench.
Forklift training. Chairman Chow continues the forklift killing saga.
Taliban sniper. In for the long haul, 17 years and counting.
Helicoper accident. Aiming for Darwin award of the year. 
Mayor. Failure to deliver in Mexico = angry voters. 
Sniper. Taliban need to take lessons from this guy. 
Train. Thats the way fella.
Shotgun suicide. Suicide of the year. 
Handgun suicide. Maybe in the top 5.