Saturday, October 7, 2017

The month of October.

Updated every weekend.
Brazil prison. Must be a cell just for burning people.
Hospital murder. Wheel this guy down stairs.
Charlottesvile. One of the good guys.
Narco. Simple as that.
Las Vegas. And we have a new offical record.
Gunshot. The drug trade is a serious business.
Subway. Hellva way to go.
Train suicide. The crawling half dead.
Blood print Pete. I'm doing a whole series of the next few months.
Washed up remains. Humans on the menu instead of plastic
Shot and burned. Taking out the trash.
Woman murdered. Kitchen deserter caught up on and killed.
Dave the journo. Such a nice bloke deserves a portrait i think


Friday, September 1, 2017

The month of September.

Train suicide. Rolling to a slow stop.
Apache gunship footage. Death from above.
New York suicide. Another day in the 'big apple'.
Live stream. Young and popular, now locked up and forgotten.
Ed Gein. I wear a cat jaw, two pieces of my own skin and nipple in honour of Ed.
Paper machine. The machines are slowly taking over.
Chechnya. He didn't do the right things for the wrong people
Train. The little train that went to the death camp.
Scar. Last in the series.
Murder. Disposal is always the hardest part.
PKK. That'll teach ya.
Burning man. Oh the irony
Logging truck. Natures revenge on Chairman Chow.
Mexican taxi driver. Flag fall was too much for these guys
Gunman. Live by the gun, die by the gun.