Sunday, August 5, 2018

The month of August.

The Disasters of War blood print series HERE

Mission rouge Freddo. These two got through customs.
Powerline. Darwin award.
Factory. The machine gets the better of Chairman Chow.
Rapper. Someone can't have liked him too much.
Hacked. Drug dealing ensures a painfull death.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The month of July.

The Disasters of War bloodprint series. HERE
GG Allin. Not a lifestyle i want, but an attiude i like. Alot.
Patriots vs antifa. Strength in numbers.
Train suicide. Goodbye.
Zapped. Firey and fatal.
Crushed. Darwin award winner, 2018
Human stew. The outback is a dangerous place.
Thrown from a crash. At least he can walk to the police station.
Petrol suicide car bomb. Wow, what a great idea!!
Tyre. Always gotta watch the dial.
Scarface chainsaw scene. WOW!!! I impressed myself with this one.
Powerline suicide. One way to let everyone know your dead. Cut the power.