Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Bishop Brian Tamaki. Destiny Churchs leader and personal hero of mine. :-) Depicted beaten and lynched.
The stats from being listed online are 0 bids, 120 views, 6 watchers.
A series of Q& A.

You should put the price up bro otherwise one of his supporters will buy it and come around and give you a hiding probably. I'm not one of them, I'm just saying you should be careful. They're a cult of short fuses and no brainers. Pretty rude nuts "sculpture" btw though. A Ken doll painted to look stabbed up is pretty 10 year old. Then again I guess it's all about the reaction.

If 'one of his supporters' did buy it, the chances of them 'giving me a hiding' wouldn't be very christian like. Got a reaction outta you.
A reaction is one word for it. I tried to make it considered and not knee jerk so it's not exactly a "reaction" in the sense I was meaning it - in the juvenile way I perceive you to be fishing for a comment/reaction. In so far as "it wouldn't be very Christian like" of them to give you a hiding is missing the point on several levels. Firstly when have Destiny & Tamaki ever been representative of anything remotely close to Christianity and not a mega Church Corporation?

Destiny/Tamaki are about as Christian as Scientology is a religion. Secondly you think you can depict one of their revered members mutilated and disfigured but not expect to arose any sort of negative reaction from them? Once again pretty juvenile. If someone were to take an interest in you and depict your Father, Mother, best friend, Sister, Brother etc in the same fashion can you empathize with the way that might make you feel?
No-one linked to D.C. has written any comments, except you. Opinions are like rectums, everyone's got one. If i was able to generate enuff interest that someone would go to the trouble of making a doll depicting me in a state of 'disrepair'. I'd be pretty stoked, if it was of my family i'd be really really annoyed it wasn't me. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Timmy and Jimmy fight to a bloody end.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Footage of a man jumping from the top of radio tower to his death. The aftermath shows the impact point and that he's missing the lower part of one leg. The corpse is then displayed on a morgue slab

Syria, the rebels took over a postel building and threw corpses off the roof.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Two of these videos deal with bathrooms.
Russian youth bathtub.

The Mexican drug cartel toilet murder.
Two men are questioned then one appears near death his head 3/4 severed but breathing.

When a your employed by a 'regime' your prone to having a really shitty da.
Syrian worker thrown out of window.
1996 is the time stamped on the tape. Offex was the name of the file, 2002 was when it surfaced on the net.