Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Disasters of War. Medium-blood.

This series of videos showing the process of printmaking in blood.
Viewer discretion advised.
Updated every week. Medium blood.

The Disasters of War by Francisco Goya.
1. Sad presentiments of what must come to pass. Cutting.
2. With or with reason. Cutting. Assembling the print
3. The same (thing). Cutting. Assembling
4. The women give courage. Assembling
5. And are like wild beasts. CuttingAssembling
6. It serves you right. Assembly
7. What courage! Cutting. Assembly.
8. This always happens. Cutting. Assembly.
9. They do not want to. Cutting. Assembly.
10.Nor do these. Cutting. Assembling
11. Or these. Cutting. Assembly
12. This is what you were born for. Cutting. Assembly 
13. Bitter presence. Cutting. Assembly.
14. The way is hard. Cutting. Assembly
15. And it can't be helped. Cutting Assembly
16. They avail themselves. Cutting, Assembly 
17. They do not agree. Cutting, Assembly 
18. Bury them and keep quiet. Cutting. Assembly.
19. There is no more time. Cutting. Assembly.
20. Treat them, then on to other matters. Cutting, Assembly.
21. It will be the same. Cutting. Assembly.
22. All this and more. Cutting. Assembly
23. The same (thing) elsewhere. Cutting. Assembly.
24. They'll still be usefull. Cutting. Assembly.
25. So will these. Cutting. Assembly
26. One cannot look at this. Cutting. Assembly.
27. Charity. Cutting. Assembly.
28. Rabble. Cutting. Assembly
29. He deserved it. Cutting. Assembly.
30. The ravages of war. Cutting. Assembly.
31. This is too much!. Cutting. Assembly.
32. Why? Cutting Assembly.
33. What more can one do? Cutting Assembly
34. On account of having a knife. Cutting. Assembly.
35. Nobody knows why. Cutting. Assembly
36. Not (in the case) either. Cutting. Assembly.
37. This is worse. Cutting. Assembly
38. Barbarians!. Cutting. Assembly.
39. Great deeds-against the dead. Cutting. Assembly
40. There is something to be gained. Cutting Assembly.
41. They escape thru the flames. Cutting. Assembly.
42. Everything is topsy-turvy. Cutting. Assembly
43. So is this. Cutting. Assembly.
44. I saw this. Cutting. Assembly.
45. And this to. Cutting Assembly.
46. This is bad. Cutting. Assembly.
47. This is how it happened. Cutting. Assembly.
48. A cruel shame. Cutting. Assembly.
49. A womans charity. Cutting Assembly.
50. Unhappy mother. Cutting Assembly 
52. They did not arrive in time. Cutting. Assembly.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

The month of April.

Cliff drop. Mother nature strikes back.
Rat skinning. I'll put the skull on a necklace.
Live stream. Trying to a smart arse.
Dashcam suicide. Train driver gets his own gore clip.
Suicidal cut throat. Look for the 'easter eggs' in the background.
Crushed by steel. Chairman Chow forgot to turn the machine off.
Shot and bashed. A bloke takes a bullet and then a few punches.
Burning tank. No point in even trying to avoid the bullets.
Paragliding. I like my feet on the ground, not falling toward it.
Early drinker. Good on you old man
Suicide bomber. Taken out by his own hand.
Orozco. Tough old bastard.
Stabbing. Another day in the jungle.