Sunday, May 1, 2016

The month of May

Burning alive. They came and slaughtered, reigned in blood. Islamic State.
Woman attacked by pitbull. My buckets list includes eating a dog.
Bakery.  Chairman Chow always gets the last of anything in the bakery.
Bakery 2. Doll animation.
Grinder injury and aftermath, exclusive images.
Drawing. Blue ink.
Dead babies. New to the lunch menu.
Garage. And so begins a new and frustrating  life.
Croc. Better reload.
Suicide pact. Together forever.
Bus Driver. Chairman Chow has a upset stomach.
Underground organ harvesting. Chairman Chows sideline business.
Woman drowns. The flooding signs didn't apply to her
Cartel hitmen kill man. He must have crossed a very serious line.
Dead guy. Someones great night out ended with him as a morning buffet for sealife.
Shot dead. The guy who survived was the one fired first.
Tank explodes. No amount of protective gear would have saved this guy.
Tyre exploding. Fucked this guy up.
Islamic State. Just when i thought id seen it all, this poor fuck draws the shortest straw.

Turkish chopper. Hey man nice shot.