Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The month of May.

Street killing. Next week, how the army got rid of their corpses.
 Dead school girl. Class is cancelled today.
WTF!!!?? in a public toilet.
Shot dead on the battlefield.
Sniper. Lucky shot.
Syrian ER. No more jihad for you Ahmed.
I made my first batch of cookies with some cannabutter and sold 8 to N. and W., friends of mine. I heard back from one that the cookies were no good, he took 1 waited an hour, took another, felt a slight buzz, went to bed. "Oh-OK..shit, wait till the weekend and i'll the get a level of them see what happens. I gave my brother a few, he took two a while apart and said the same.
Saturday rolls around and i go to a friends to collect that weeks downloads, he politely declines my offer a biscuit, so on the advice these two i eat three in 10 minutes. It has to be said i was smoking oil at the same, and drinking. But i felt them working on me. I progressively felt more stoned, then it started to hit about an hour and half in, a real buzz was starting and i was feeling sick, my vision started to spark so i politely excused myself and went outside into the sun. Then it really kicked in total loss in the moment vision is a sea of sparkles and im staggering around on the back yard taking my sunglasses on and off, the host pops his head out to see if im alright, i assure him i am enjoying the sun.
When i get a sense of myself i curse the guys "Those assholes tried to kill me with my own fucken dope!!!"