Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The month of August.

Commando fight scene. Every line a classic, fuck comic book movies.
Fire. Short animation inspired by a twitter follower.
Car bomber vs tank. Fearless soliders ensure good results.
Zapped on top of powerline.
Islamic State media arm still in top form.
Chopper Reid. A infamous criminal turned artist, writer, guest speaker.
Windows tech. Always wanted one of these phonecalls. Thanks idiot.
Des Nilsen. He needed a drink after he was done and so do I.
Tyre burning. Low budget corpse disposel.
Corpse abuse. This guy was really hated.
Scarification based on the Man Ray print.
Beheading. Rainy day but dry inside.
Tank. Run,run, run, run, run.
Brazil. Produced with shock in mind.