Thursday, December 29, 2011

Leatherface at the North Pole.

This Xmas video Leatherface goes to the north pole and chainsaws up all the elves.
Last week sometime there was a beheading posted on the internet, it was the subject of some debate simply for the fact that some people thought it was real and some thought it was fake.
This is my version.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

3 guys from SOUTH PARK

 I marked, cut then rubbed a with tattoo ink a scar based on the 3 guys 1 hammer video using SOUTH PARK characters. Eric is Igor, Butters is Victor, Kyle is Sergei
Video is in Random Evil

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Cartel videos.

Cartel videos HERE
You tube comments
Due to the nature of the videos some comments are offensive.
These are comments on youtube and not to be taken seriously.

cool, well done, ( 1st viewer, YAH) brutal those cartels lol

Hey Headmund did u see these kind of videos at domcumenting reality? Or

Neither, ogrishforum.

@Headmund I cherish my OgrishForum usernamer/password!!!!
Keep up the excellent work,!!!!!

This have to be the funniest shit ever!

well done sir, it's just awesome.

Haha, as if anyone hasn't seen the video already.
And I'm not sure who the real psycho is here, the guys actually cutting off their heads, or the guy recreating it with dolls!!!

its probably the same dude

Que hijo de puta! hjauajauajjaja
That son of a bitch!

This is how serial killers start... I never see the actual executions only read but no one deserves to die like that.

no no no u got it all wrong man....the fat guy isn't fat enough....and he puts the dudes head on his back then it falls to the doesn't just flop off...but besides that good re-enactment

Thanks. 2nd guy is fat enuff. Yes his head is put on his back, he also slaps it then it flops off. I combined the two.

your just the tool bag who went and made a retarded video like this hoping hed make people on the internet like him. your fuckin awesome bro!

JAJAJAJAJA es igualito al video verdadero!!!
looks just like the real video!

someone please help me find the real video link, ive been looking for hours!

Mexicans are fucking scum bags just like . They all need their heads cut off.

why dont u come try it shit bag we will send ur testicle to ur mother in your mouth viva mexico puto

Youre fuckin sick kill yourself do the world a favor

Behead dismemeber

LOL nice
also I can tell this took a lot of work

Lol , that's crazy . I would like it to be re-imagined as Lego characters.

get a fucken life!!!!!!

what the fuck

i saw the true video, it's not human. Its from La Linea (Juarez Cartel armed wing) against a Beltran-Leyva Cartel sicarios.

i saw the real video too man that shit was bad let me put it this way i coulnt sleep like for 3 fucking days


Haha!! Seen that one! Really good!!

What the hell was the purpose of this video?

The previous comment answers your question. But just in case, to create a faithful and funny remake.

i bet youre a crooked eyed White Boy!

im gonna make a video and SMASH yours. (2 months and counting)

Allahu Akbar! xD

With innovation comes indignation, not everyone's gonna get it, but you know who gets it, hey, you wanna know who gets it? I do, this guy, I get it. I'm gonna go talk to her, get you that promotion


Original cartel video.

I thought i recognised the noise in the background hahaaa!
Nice one (Y)

(This one of a pair of young ladies who likes the lads from 3 hammer fame, she recognised that i'd used that soundtrack for this video.)

Eres un pendejo de pinga si crees que es un "Good video" aver si te busco para astere lo mismo idiota.
(You're a dick asshole if you think it is a "Good video" if you seek to same idiot.)

(Same person commented twice)
you need help.
you need help.really.

Thanks. I was actually too scared to watch the actual video.

Not that!I have kids that may stumble across that.Please take your video down!

Sorry, no. There are plenty of ways for you to ensure that adult content is not accessible to young minds.

subscribe all are welcome..Nice Video Keep it up ! and ad me as a friend ..

Fucking kid, you got no fucking idea about the shit you posted and think nothing of what is going on in juarez, i think you need to be take to juarez and put on the streets ad shee what it is like.

twisted thats all im saying twisted

HAHA!!!!! that was fuckin twisted.....and AWSOME

AHAHHAHAH WHAT IN THE FUCK fav'd for artistical and true reality in fiction.

perfect video for all the left wing assholes out there, this is what happens allmost 24/7 in arabic countrys and not just for snitching but for having no religion no less..

calm down people its just a video.
The Mexican cartel videos chainsaw/knife, machete/dismember executions.
All cartel videos are here

In progress.

 As a change of pace i sketched a couple of pieces.
Random Evil

Monday, November 7, 2011

Back in the thick of it.

Another version of allied solider on a dozer.
This time i filmed it with editing it, the entire video is 53 seconds.

The stoning.  Referencing and using audio from Life of Brian (Monty Python)

Vietnamese cop ripped in halfA gory little video using automata and alot of blood.