Friday, December 24, 2010

Over the years at every Christmas iv made and given away my version of xmas cards. These depicted 'santa' being killed by his 'elves'.
The image is scene involving the aftermarth or point of death. Taking out certain people and increasing or decreasing the size and then colouring the clothes to look like Santa or the elves.
I used to change them each year, add new ones, try new things.

This year i went down a different track, i made a video and took the last scene out of it and will put the youtube address on it so it now becomes a multimedia event.

I made a little video of Whack-a-seal and loaded it up onto to utube and got the following comment.
LOL i love your art, you are awesome :3 i'm 13 years old, i'm from Mexico and you are my HERO :D
I was a little stunned but highly amused by this, he and another bloke have left some comments on the other vids that iv uploaded. Iv also noticed that i have one follower on my blog.

Thank you very much.
It's a hard road doing art that fucks people off, but for every nice comment (and a few of the not-so-nice ones) it just makes me want to battle on, regardless.
For 2011, iv got some goals set for myself, so things are gonna get interesting.

Friday, December 17, 2010

This is one of the latest projects, the Saddam hanging.
It will work by having the 'trap-door- operated by pulling a rod that holds it in place.
I was gonna use a hinge and small latch, but opted for this simple version, its a bit tackier, but i think it will pretty much do the same thing. Iv had the doll balance on it so i know it won't fall off. The noose will be at the top, i did have it underneath the frame, but it was too close to the actual doll and when iv covered that up it will be slightly bigger in size. The figures on the either side will be painted on the canvas giving the it the look of the whole scene.

Plans were drawn up for a second Carla Nash piece that would involve her lying on the ground with the chimp on top bashing and/or eating her face, this would have represented the scene as the police turned up. It's struck a slight problem in the the way it would move.
The cams i make only go up and down, and would have wanted the arms/head to go back on a angle so for the mean time its staying in the 'diary'.

Funny little story.
I was in town the other weekend and we went into a '80s themed bar, i looked out of place as i usually do with my chunky nose ring and glazed over eyes. While standing at the bar thinking how silly the whole place was with the bouncers casually looking at me, a woman came up to me and said-
"Excuse me, thats a big ring thru ur nose, did that hurt? that must have been stretched up?"
"Ahhh...yeah" i muttered with a big grin.
"...but iv got something that will absolutley stun you, and you'll want to tell everyone you know."
"Yeah..." she said intrigued. "Im here on a work do"
"Mate, doesn't matter" I smiled.
"Iv had both my nipples cut off and re-stitched onto my chest" Her jaw dropped.
I wasn't gonna lift my shirt in the middle of a crowed bar so i pulled it down far enuff that she could see and knew.
Its funny when people hear and see this for the first time, and it never gets old.
She was STUNNED.
Then two of her works mates came up to the bar,
"This guys got no nipples."
I pulled down my shirt and showed them but it didn't really sink in so they were just stunned and kinda lost.
The woman was in awe of me, gave me a 'high five' thanked me very much and then i left the bar and them to mull over what had just happened.

The 'chechclear' video continues to tick over
6,788 views so far.
The Christine Chubbuck one is proving popular to, im assuming this is due to everyone thinking "oh ill look it up on youtube and see if i can find the original video" That wont happen due to it being never released and no copys made. These and other videos can be viewed in the list on the right.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Continuing on with the 3 hammer guys.
The seal auction on Trade Me is still going with 36 views and one 'watcher', got one comment from 'hayley' in Auckland.
"You sad bastard...................."
"Lol" was my reply.
There is a statement on the auction saying it should be viewed as satire. (sigh)
Youtube video of the making and working of the 3 guys dolls

Friday, December 3, 2010

This piece is based on a experiment done in the 1940s by the Russians in which the reanimated a dead dogs head, so inspired was i by this piece of science i decided to made my own.
'Re-animated dead cat head'
Youtube video of the making and then the piece actually working.
The piece has been listed on Trade Me, so it will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Dnepropetrovsk maniacs.
Based the video known as '3 guys 1 hammer' in which a pair of naughty little boys film themselves killing a guy by bashing his face in with a hammer, the cameraman then rams a screwdriver into his head after filming his bleeding face close up, the original kid then gives the victim a final couple of blows to the head before they leave.
Finished video here, Three guys, one afternoon.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another auction on Trade Me that lasted the whole week, this one was The vivisector.
It got 68 views, no bids and 3 watchers. Weird thing was that all of the people who out it on their watch list were women, Paula-New Plymouth, Jo-Auckland and Mell-Christchurch who bought the first thing i sold on T.M.
Paula also wrote as a comment on the auction, "Oh my lol.. so different : ) I dont know what else to say, I admire your uniqueness : )"

The impalement is at 34 views. I guess people must have finally twigged that all the post is highly graphic and potentially offensive art.
On with the show i guess.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Image diary of impalement doll.
Finished video here. Scene from Cannibal Holocaust.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The viviscetor. Animal experiments can be fun.

The first nipple transplant. This is gonna be printed onto the T-shirt that will be getting signed at the rugger bar-be next year, its definitely the most surreal of all the images.

Bloated pink tit, the second transplant, things started to get off track now, i had this image printed onto a T-shirt and this is what the All Blacks signed. This is a one minute video of them signing the same shirt this year. Here
My friend Ryo was the one who suggested that i get it signed in the first place and thats what sparked the series of images and videos.
"Can you sign that please."
(1st AB leans forward) "WHAT IS THAT!!???"
"Its a nipple transplant."
(2nd AB leans over to see why production line of things to sign has stopped) "WHAT IS THAT!!???"
"It's a nipple transplant, im the only one in the world with it done." (pull down Iron Maiden shirt)
He's been the only person that has ever made a comment like that, so when i heard he was injured in a game and had to have surgery, i sent him a letter, i wish i had made a copy of it, my letters are funny to read and consist of crazy little drawings, i also included a little copy of the pic he signed in chch, just so he would know who sent it.
The black thing on my chest
is the nipple now mainly dead flesh, and beginning to smell. It didn't hurt but it was mentally veryuncomfortable.
When i had the stitches removed, from where my titty was i was lying in bed that night and went to itch my chest at 4:20am, i felt a slight twang of pain and then some liquid run down the side of my chest, ohh shit.
The scar had split open
and was oozing blood, can't go to the after hours clinic, cuz they'll ask too many questions. So im true hardcase style i patched myself up and went back to bed, the G.F. rolled over and asked me if i was all right.
"Yeah, nothing to worry about" i calmy said and i stared bug eyed in the dark at the ceiling.
After i eventually got the dead flesh removed i got to keep the bit they cut off.
Got a nice pic with it and a fly.
I pierced it on the boot of the car
and put a 5mm flesh tunnel tunnel thru it.
I wear that along with a assortment of other things on a necklace, when i was down south a while ago i saw a tattooist friend in a bar, i showed him my chest and he was stunned, his partner didn't say a thing and just stared at me, i then held up the nipple and said "Wanna rub the nipple for good luck"
He very softly spoken so it was fucken hilarious to here him say in a deep gravely voice,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Frame from a cutting i did on my leg, the cat came in half way thru.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Clash.

I was supposed to go to a Anti Whaling rally today but due to bad weather and conflict of intrest factors it was called off.
The reasons were the result of a
clash of cultures.

My friend Ryo rung me to ask about a letter he had recieved one say from Readers Digest saying he might have won $55,000.
After i filled him in on the scam he laughed, went quiet and said...
Why are you going to a anti whaling rally?"
He had seen that i had accpeted an invitation to a antiwhaling rally on facebook being held at a later date.
I explained that i was going to go down there in my
pro whaling T-shirt He suggested that he come and sign the T-shirt at the protest.

"Gotta film that!!!!!."
Time passed and it became apparent quickly that he was really PRO whaling and this could get ugly.
I sort advice and we casually discussed what would happen. Things started to grind when i put up the
Pete Bethune doll on the hippes face book page knowing Bethune himself would hear about it. It received a mute response so i post "Got my T-shirt ready for saturday."
it got this response from senior hippie connected to Bethune.

Hey mate. It might be a great way for you to get your kicks, but whaling is something we all take pretty seriously. It takes up to 45 min for a whale to die, and while I'm guessing you probably don't care about animals, I do. So could you please remove your posts, and refrain from making anymore. Cheers


Ryo then said that he had to take his daughter whose two with him, i have a strict policy of no-one under the age of 18. Exceptions made only with prior discussion. This was just not appropriate with his fire hawk view, a family event and a ton of hippies with him wanting to start a huge arguement but worried about getting noticed because he was with me with a image of him on T-shirt eating whale meat which he wanted me to
cover up more thou he had previously been happy with me wearing it twice in his presence, he also wasn't happy about me posting the image on the hippie event page.

I decided to cancel the event because of my concerns for the child and his welfare.

I recieved a text from my brother following a artical
he read about Alan Hubbard that mentioned a auction on a little known website callled Sella, that had takendown the auction on the Monday, the artical was published on Wednesday.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Video of Twin tandem suspension.