Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Questions and answers for Christchurch quake suvivour doll on Trade Me.

I was tempted by Mr Hubbard but I assume that it disappeared because it was snapped up by Te Papa for their permanent collection? Or possibly the Guggenheim? 9:32 am, Mon 6 Sep

LOL...yes, Ta Papa was in the lead closely followed by half of Timaru, but i think they were just looking for me so they could do 'bodily harm' ;-) unfortunitly the 'admin' got wind of it and it...'dissappeared'...oh well, thats number 11. 10:29 am, Mon 6 Sep

like mr transplant said we were tempted by mr bare cupboard- remember its never admin on here..its john doe that presses the supress art button(otherwise known as the CW button) on the bottom of the page-rock on mr gore! 12:55 pm, Mon 6 Sep

;-)...lol. Thank you very much. Fans may be outnumbered by critics, but long shall i continue the war against john doe and his button pressing ways. Yours SINfully Jon E(vil) 4:54 pm, Mon 6 Sep