Sunday, July 3, 2016

The month of July.

Oil rig. No more vodka for Ivan.
Zapped. Does any one in China look where there going when there are power lines overhead.
Skeletons. Future zombies that dance to Staying Alive.
Dallas cop killer. Domestic terrorism, someone had to say it.
Woman picks up remains. No happy ending.
Bashed and hacked. Strictly fans only.
Beheading of a child soldier. Playing with dads mates got him killed.
Beaten to death with machetes, fans only 2
Mass killing Germany. A lone gunman walks into a crowded area, it the 80's again. paints
Ded Z paints. Animated zombie painter. Dracula  Mummy  Werewolf 
Frankenstein. Scream. JAWS.