Sunday, June 3, 2018

The month of June

Blood print series continues. HERE
Lonely man. Mental health issues or real family bond.
Gas explosion. Worlds toughest man, even when burned he doesn't care.
Burned alive. He moving due the fire, not because he's alive.
Imam. He really believes what he's saying, and wants you to.
Cartel. Tension on the border = lots of severed heads.
Eye gouge. Strange type of souvenir.
Kidnapping/aftermath. A cartel kidnapper is kidnapped by a rival cartel. 
Vinnie Paul. Ex Pantera drummer dead.
Truck. The Chairman stops for nothing. 
War selfie. This no 'down time' on the frontline.
Terrorist ambush. Useless terrorists can't hit anything.
Woman eaten. Noises in the night=snakes gurgling belly.
Truck. Chairman Chow uses himself as a human brake.