Sunday, February 27, 2011

10 minute walk 2

Burger King entrance thats attached to a petrol station. Close up of one corner of the mall. Down the road and round the corner. Down the road and round the corner 2. The forecourt of the petrol station.

10 minute walk

Hole in the ground. Supermarket trolley marking a hole in the road. The mall round the corner taped and blocked off. Handful of sand. Church round the corner.

Friday, February 25, 2011

22nd Feb 2011.

Interesting day, the day Christchurch was wounded by death, than i got three comments of my youtube videos.
Making Saddam... poor sadda'm ._
chechclear man you've got issues from a guy named '44warjunkie'
This one got a response from me from the 3 guys 1 hammer re-create

this is sick and most disrespect ful for this poor man, i am sickened that you can change this to be a "form of entertainment" that is so wrong. watch... now you can at least watch this video and pay your respects to sergei, the man who is being "killed" in your little re enactment there

now '"i" can at least watch this do you think i made in the first place (username)?

In the comments list is a link to a website called goregrish, this is the "form of entertainment" i refer to. Otherwise type in LiveLeak.

Why did you watch it?

Correction. The 'link to a...' comment refers to another video of mine called chechclear, you might have heard of that as well.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Contrasting opinions with a common thread

A month ago someone simply asked, why? on chechclear (youtube) i didn't answer, but i thought a answer should be given.

If you found this video, its because you knew about/watched the original. These types of videos are what pass for 'entertainment' now. So the ? for you is, are you not entertained?

The reply.
no im not, and i regard sadomassochism as a very sick and creepy impulse

I have a thread on a gore site that i update along with this blog, this was the latest comment.

I've come to the conclusion that you are a very demented individual. I like that trait in a person.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend project (continues)

After various distractions i managed to get my main prop sorted. Distractions a-plenty today with G.F. wanting to out and about.
I'm confident i can get it together thou. ;-p (note to self, need more cheap beer.)
Got a comment of my Kurt Cobain auction from "Christine278" in Ashburton one hour south.
'Lol' was all the i wrote back, i was gonna write that i thought that their was made me sick as well but that would just be ignoring the point. BEN10 exec st has 39 views and 1 watcher, Kurt has 40 1 watcher, i wonder if Christine will be as stupid as the last lady who said somethig disparaging and then got caught in the fixed offer trap

Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend project

By the end of this weekend i 'hope' to have made, filmed and uploaded my version of the Mexican drug cartel beheading.
This was a video that i watched last year sometime at my brothers place. It was brutal, the guy was asked a few questions and then had his noggen cut from his shoulders and dumped next to his lifeless corpse.
Iv watched it a few times today studying the actions and positions of the all the men involved and to a variety of screen shots to aid in the process.
I'm not looking to get the camera angles perfectly, cuz the girlfriend would not to too happy about having to endure watching it so she could get it right while i operate the dolls and blood.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stoned at a Iranian wedding

I'm completely off my face trying to convince my brother whose wearing a identical 'haiwian shirt' that heading into a room full arabs is a good thing. Hes totally fucked and freaking out. We then met a few more white guys, have a chat and went inside, it was a total little Iran.
Everyone was staring at us, two of the guys had full sleve tattoos Tim started freaking again, i got some footage of it.
A bunch of guys then started a dance to the traditional music, it was infectious. Tim got over his paranoia and joined in for a circut, he did pretty well, i filmed some of that and then joined in with a few others, i was loving it, i was totally smashed listening to some really nice new music with a awesome vibe going right thru the place. Tim did another round after we sat back down and really started to really kick his legs up in a 'riverdance' style, completely stoned and his fone flew outta his pocket, a guy noticed and tried to give it back to him but he was too fucked up, we watched all this happen and got it on camera.

The bride and groom then turned up and the afternoon went on.
An alarm sounds and everyone has to leave, a little kid has flicked the switch and 3 fire trucks arrive.

I got some quiet footage and photos of the bride and groom back on the stage and sitting down on the couch when the trucks were leaving and there was only a few people in the hall. We stayed for the dinner and then quietly left.

Stoned at a Iranian wedding

Friday, February 11, 2011

Update on The Treatment

Well that didn't do shit!!
The lines are still there, i didn't expect them to disappear but i did expect a little bit of a change considering it fucking hurt.
I was on facebook this afternoon sending a message to a uncle up north and a guy who does the piercing and runs the suspensions here popped up on chat and asked if i'd got a message about a fundraiser that there doing at the start of April, a mass sus over two days. It would the biggest New Zealand has ever seen, not too hard really cuz there the only group that does it as a show.
Anyway he asked if i was keen, im doing a tandom (superman pose) this sunday with my brother in a harness on the other side.
I said i 'mulling it over' its another 150 dollars.
I then asked him if he could brand my finger, what finger? the one with the lines on it, i want to reduce them to give it a more realistic feel.
"Fuck Jon!!" was the response followed by"...i'll have to talk to someone about that...haha"
Sounds like its a goer.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The treatment. (pictures)

I got the lazer removal treatment done on my finger. It was brutal. At the same level of pain as getting the scars. This is shots removed from footage. I will get some more fotos as the days go on. It did sting a bit and i got some footage of myself banging my finger on the table.
The process with the forms was pretty nosey. The machine looked like a over sized hairdryer with a point with a hose going into the base of the handset.
I had to wear special glasses/covers on my eyes that completely blinded me and the operator had a pair of welding type sunglasses. I thought that i had no footage, but on closer inspection discovered it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kurt Cobain and Edward

In 2008 i made Kurt Cobain and his amazing exploding head. It was a piece that upon turning it on the back half of the head went back and forth.
Long story short, not by my own hand it went missing. This was one of my favourite dolls fuck it!!!
I intend to re-create this piece so all it not lost.
This next set is a work in progress that deals with Kurt in a more sober fashion, it also deals with a bloke named Edward.
Edward is the cousin of member of a gore site, the story goes that young eddie had a big arguement with his mother and said "youll miss me when im gone"
He went upstairs and then tried to blow his brains out, unfortunitly he couldn't get the shotgun firmly under his face or however he was trying and only succeeded in blasting his face off.
The picture was leaked by a police officer and ended up on the front page of
Eddie survived and was left horribly disfigured and blind. His sister took action to get the image removed from rotten. I had a look the other day but couldn't see it, so she might have been successful, this was the case a few years ago i believe when the N.Z. police asked the owners of that site to remove a crime scene foto that originated here in N.Z.

Im working with the member to recreate eddies attempted suicide and possibly a update of what his face looks like now. The piece will also double as a Kurt Cobain. There are some fotos on the net of that crime scene but none of Kurts head.
Slayer used a number of graphic images in the inside cover of the divine intervention album, i did get to see a copy of that some years ago and the picture, although not the same as Eds was similar.

(UPDATE) The finished video.