Thursday, June 23, 2011

The 7 day eternal nightmare

The artists father in I.C.U. 15/06/2011
Black pen sketch, drawn from subject.
I'll enter the right side drawing in a Art Awards comp and the end of July.

June 2011.

J. 10 No running water-drains blocked, Ruth is going to Timaru that night, water-blaster guy coming round next day.
J. 11 (previous post for toilet video)
J. 12 Clean up last of shit.
J. 13 two aftershocks.
J. 14 Clean up mud, father is having heart valve replacement surgery Dunedin today.
J. 15 Drive to Timaru, then Dunedin with my brother-arrived after 6 hour drive, the operation went for 12 hours the previous day, to long.
J. 16 Tell the surgeon to turn the machines keeping dad alive off. Say goodbye.
J. 17 Leave Dunedin for Waimate and the funeral on Monday (the 20th).

Youtube comments
Two more on D. Maniacs.

Your one sick freak you know that?

Exploding Toilet.
(comment from my brother.)
Knowing that is a huge pile of liquid turds comming out the drain pipe is the funniest thing i have ever seen.
I don't envy you at all for that clean up job.
Wonder what the waterblaster guy thinks; He turns up and floods a persons property with shit.
Job satisfaction of the best kind i think

i could smell it from the other side of the screen.

3 guys redo

3 guys reaction
you should do more cartel beheading videos, i actually saw this one were they castrate the man then behead him and at the end disemboweled him and hes being hung upside down the whole time like an animal. its pretty fucked up

Ahh yes, i remember that one. Thanks, i will.

Im signing out of two of the biggest net gore forums ogrish and goregasm.
I feel i have created enuff art to end it there as far as activly posting it myself, got some fans but theres only so much you can do on a forum.
 youtube channel development, continue here on this blog.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Clean up, and clean up again.

Footage of the main drain from the house being water blasted for shit in the pipe. The smell was lethal. The guy warned it would go everywhere, and it did, liters of shit.
Exploding garden toilet.
No sonner had i posted this than there was another two quakes, the second one pushed up more mud and fucken water...exactly where all the shit was!!!
June 13th Christchurch.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Latest comments on the tube.

Christine Chubbuck.
they don't have the real footage on toxic junction? Im just curious. I mean I read the wiki and all but I just want to see it...

3 guys 1 hammer reaction.
You are sick. This video is awful and terribly sad. What the hell is wrong with you
The same person left this comment on my channel. 
Get some psychotherapy.
(my reply) No point, i was interviewed by a 'shrink' in 2000 and was deemed "No danger to the public" his words.

Man with shovel in head.
enserio maricon no tienes vida
(I translated it and replyed) LOL!!!! i have no life aye, whatever fella.

Comment on channel.
one doesn't go to therapy for being a "danger to the public," one goes to prison. even the most emotionally balanced person in the world could still probably benefit from some therapy. as a mental health professional, i wouldn't say you suffer from any sort of sadistic personality disorder, i'd just say you were an extreme narcissist. i've read/seen a lot of you work, and you just seem infatuated with your artwork and the philosophy behind it.

(Whoa, hahaha...a mental health professional, finally!! lol)
Thanks for your interest.
"infatuated with your artwork and the philosophy behind it."
That sounds like a comment that could be stuck on any artist. Interesting assessment.

The first 3 guys 1 hammer video has had two more comments. They are nothing really more than just abuse.
I won't be posting anymore of those particular comments as i really can't see the point. I will let it be known that they are there and anyone is free to read them.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don't play with fire.

A depiction of african mob style killing called 'necklacing' which after being beaten to a bloody pulp a tyre with petrol in it is put round some poor bastards head and then set on fire.

African necklacing