Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The month of November.

Updated every weekend
Torture. No war crime inquiry for the Iraqi army.
Blood print number 7.
Tree cutting accident. Beyond the ladder things get dodgy.
Test footage. Forming an idea.
train surfing  Wanted to get a good spot.
Fight. On each word a accented punch or kick.
Assassins. abstract animation.
Mexican cartel killing.Partial gutting, these guys hate being bored.
Beating. Learning the rules.
Suicide by waterfall. This guy took the awesome way out.
Scaring of Pinhead. Looked a bit Homer from Simpsons in the 2nd one. Caution, graphic.
House shooting. Home invasion and execution.
Train suicide. No help for this person.
Burning Islamic State fighter.
Strangled in Russia. Two vs one drunk.
Lil Peep. Another casualty of youth excess, ha ha.
Mob justice. When everyone decides they want you dead.