Monday, April 1, 2019

The month of April.

The Disasters of War.
Sketched in pencil
Picture that someone refused to create.
Surreal paper animations
Number 3 
Number 4 
Number 5
CJNG. These blokes are the new apex predators.
Islamic State. Public display of revenge.
Machete attack. Broad daylight and no-ones gonna stop him.
CJNG. Firing squad, no blanks needed.
Brazil. Duel methods of killing employed here.
Crane. I bet they release these video because they are funny.
Fight. She might have filmed it, but it wasn't over her.
Not looking. That'll teach ya. 
Crushed by a truck
Tanker. The Chairman took his chances and it failed.
G.F.Y. Telling a bloke where it at.
Croc vs human. Nature is scary.
Gun range suicide. What was faster, his arm or the bullet.

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