Friday, May 5, 2017

The month of May.

Chest crush. Top effort for this prison video.
Puke. The classic pukes while beheading video. Viewer request.
Live webcam suicide. Just up the road, in terms of Islands.
Indian bloke. The accent made is seem all the funnier.
Friday the 13th. 80s gore at its most practical.
Torture. He didn't care, and its his own ear.
Beheaded and gutted. That is video of the year!!!
Strange. This is what happens when the mind takes over.
Murder with a hatchet. Brazil. Someones stepping up their technique.
Islamic State. Basic, but the editing and soundtrack are pure I.S.
Dead rodent. That was fun!!!
Dead bird.        "      "     "
Head and heart. ISIS bows out, Brazils prisons step into the breech.
Dueling hands. Stoned again.
Chris Cornell. Based on footage of the last concer and my ideas after that.
Wall of death. This stunt event lived up to it name. YAY!!!


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