Saturday, June 1, 2019

The month of June.

The Disasters of War.
Skinned rat flies.
The dancing rat.
Forklift. Suffering for your art in the workplace.
Arse whipping. Violent crims = violent police. Mexico.
Forklift. One up, one down.
Forklift. Low IQ forklift driver.
Drifting. Record everything and do the cops work for them.
Reverse. Learning to drive results in learning what not to do.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The month of May.

The Disasters of War
Sketches in pencil.
Surreal animations.

Crushed. Cut throat parking.
Beheaded and burning. Nothing like the expression of pure hate.
Suicide by fire. Commited.
Self shot. Vertical not horizonal.
The Shining. Delbert Grady kills the twins. 
The Godfather. "You can act like a man!" 
Car stunt. 4x4 in a urban setting.
Beaten then shot. One way to get everyone ready. 


Monday, April 1, 2019

The month of April.

The Disasters of War.
Sketched in pencil
Picture that someone refused to create.
Surreal paper animations
Number 3 
Number 4 
Number 5
CJNG. These blokes are the new apex predators.
Islamic State. Public display of revenge.
Machete attack. Broad daylight and no-ones gonna stop him.
CJNG. Firing squad, no blanks needed.
Brazil. Duel methods of killing employed here.
Crane. I bet they release these video because they are funny.
Fight. She might have filmed it, but it wasn't over her.
Not looking. That'll teach ya. 
Crushed by a truck
Tanker. The Chairman took his chances and it failed.
G.F.Y. Telling a bloke where it at.
Croc vs human. Nature is scary.
Gun range suicide. What was faster, his arm or the bullet.